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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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,, i'm speechless and so happy
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breaking news to children save dead seat and a father taken into custody after a bay area kidnapping how did to bay area man and a in a shallow grave 2,000 mi. away and what they had with them. the secret to aed and like a champion the personal chef for a famous bay area boxer reveals what is on the menu before the biggest fight of his career. breaking news about one hour ago coast guard cutter a riveting monterey with two children police say abducted by their father that children reunited with their mother and headed home to south san
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francisco. the coast guard and detectives found the kids and their father on a stolen yacht several miles southwest of monterrey we have team coverage sharon chin at the coast guard station in monterey a safe and peaceful ending that many hope for especially the mother will show you the video a couple minutes ago mother and children: back to south san francisco the mother arrived at our a gulp and reunited with their two children at the coast guard monterey station the children were checked out medically and were ok. a coast guard patrol boat pulled into the moderate pier officers had been saved in their care brooklyn and gavin snatched from their mother's home in south san francisco three days ago, in custody the father christopher maffei who kidnap them and was them away in a stolen yacht
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officers spent most of the day tracking the yacht after a commercial fisherman spot the boat. the coast guard and police and fbi pulled the patrol boat in what became a peaceful surrender. we ask him if we could provide with water and a radio so we could have a conversation at that point he said he was willing to help us anyway he could we ask for to put a boarding team on board he said that was fined. authorities said the yacht was running short on fuel and the fate was steering south in the water so they boarded to bring the trio in safely they did that must pay at headed to santa clara county jail that includes kidnapping and stephen the boat a very good and for the family.
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let's go to elizabeth cook standing by in south city you talk to a very happy grandmother tonight she was involved with all this. the new she had been waiting for her three year-old granddaughter brooklyn and grandson devon now safe and their mother's arms after being on a stolen sailboat for four nights with their father christopher maffei, which caught up with jean and grandmother. i'm speechless and so happy that's what i've been dreaming of the whole week i went to see my grandchildren and they are safe and backing grandmas' arms, i'm going to release 12 and now. she is still covered in bruises she tried to stop christopher maffei from taking the children from her home in
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pekin man through the back door and grabbed them while she was at the courthouse trying get a restraining order. at the family home in south san francisco a happy ending for the family to children reunited on the way back home their father accused of possibly kidnapping them and in police custody the grandmother says what she has her two babies on she wants to play my little pony with them. elizabeth cook in south san francisco investigators work to identify a body found south of the bay area remains of a woman discovered an an area in san benito county the exact location of a short drive from morgan hill where missing teenager sierra lamar was last seen in march len ramirez on the scene. are on cannon road near highway 1 01 at a eucalyptus grove near san juan batista, at
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9:27 a.m. a passer-by called 9 1 1 to report a body found on the hillside, this is san benito county but santa clara county investigators called to the scene. sources say the body that of a female it appears the victim was the victim of a homicide at this point investigators downplayed the connection to this year in the mark case but say further investigation needed. len ramirez cbs 5 california judge says arnold schwarzenegger did not break any laws when he issued a pardon hours before he left office schwarzenegger reduced to manslaughter cents for the son of a political ally, the victim's family and san diego district attorneys sued but the judge said while with the governor did was distasteful it was not illegal.
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where's the justice for our son he was murdered. two conniving politicians got away with it. the victim's family will continue to fight the computation. an expensive breakfast republican vice-presidential nominee paul ryan in the bay area tomorrow held at the danville home of 40 niner brett john's tickets range from one to $5,000 a plate and then he goes to the google headquarters in mountain view coast of video chat with voters. president obama got a bump in the polls following the democratic convention according to latest gallup poll mr. obama leads mitt romney by three points. a couple of days ago the two men were one. apart. the president's approval rating at 52% the highest since june 2011 right after the killing of
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osama bin laden's. today the august jobs report was underwhelming, it helped drive unemployment to 8% but that is not great news because 400,000 americans have stopped looking for work and considered to be out of the job market here's anthony mason. two years after she was laid off he finally got a full-time job in august and working as a security guard at a florida racetrack. but he is one of the lucky ones the economy refuses to pick up speed the meager 96,000 jobs created in august the average for the past six months and barely enough to accommodate new people entering the work force this economist is with numerous securities
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companies are unwilling to hire and consumers are unwilling to spend it grates and anemic cycle the unemployment rate to decline but only because more people are leaving the work force among working age america is the participation rate has dropped to 63% the last time that low 31 years ago this month. while he was unemployed he took odd jobs and work for his wife cleaning service but he was still forced to move in with his parents not being able to pay the bills stressful on me and my wife and provide for our son his new job gives him health benefits it pays under $10 an hour i hope to just get by the the latest job numbers are not good news for the federal reserve, chairman ben bernanke
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has called the unemployment rate of great concern this may force the fed to take more action. anthony mason cbs news and new york 2 men disappeared from the bay area found in a shallow grave thousand miles away the mysterious thing buried with them. these are the most important photos he provided prove the most wanted terrorist was dead with his former navy seal dead to make osama bin laden's look better in the photos. this is mail tonight sheffer famous bay area boxer invite says to the kitchen why he's eating grass fed to meet and,,,,,,
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yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: update you on our top story tonight children did took two children say it after there were and abducted and taken to see by their father l.f. monterey in a car with their mom less than one hour ago. coast guard rescuer the three wrote girl and her brother from stolen sailboat a few miles off
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the coast the father christopher maffei brought back to san mateo county to face charges. toussaint was a man found dead thousands of miles away want valencia and raul the lobos went missing at this summer the remains were discovered in shallow graves near indianapolis. sharon chin on what else detectives found. the corner used dental records to identify one carlos valencia and roll the lobo's of san jose a man discover their demands two weeks ago buried in a wooded area near indianapolis, indiana we chased their dog through the woods and my cousin took a step and i looked down and pulled him back there's some
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pants half a out of a hole and bones sticking out, we ran back and called police justin blakely showed officers more there was money scattered around the whole they did say it was not a robbery probably five hundred dollars in cash detectives say one of the murdered men had head injuries relatives reported valencia missing two weeks ago and villalobos two months ago. it started as a missing persons case police in indiana lead the investigation the bodies are located in their jurisdiction indianapolis they will conduct their investigation. indianapolis police to not know how the san jose men knew each other are white in indiana or who killed them and why sharon chin cbs 5 sharon chin spoke with a man who is valencia's brother there
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were not close but still a shock to find out his death on the news. one of the american commandos to help kill osama bin laden's has talked about the mission in an interview with 60 minutes the former navy seal describes he took the photographs to prove that deadline was dead. i figure these for the most important photos i would take my life i tried to get good and goes and do it right, you have to clean off the face so it is identifiable took a sheet out the bed and what the blood off and took photos wiping the blood of osama bin laden's face and you shot pictures in profile would to the look-alike did they are gruesome the former navy seal rebook that went on sale this week under the pen name " mark s. allen " you can see the in the
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160 minutes sunday on cbs 5 and out of this world federer lab space shuttle endeavor to soar over the bay area and on its way to its resting place it will take off from the kennedy space center on a boeing 747 it will make 11 of passover several cities including houston the shuttle will be seen over san francisco on september 20th a good opportunity for our kids to see how technology works this represents a symbolic home coming california is worthy of butter's main engines were constructed and never will touch down for good at lax and travel through loss angeles before delivered to the california side center. the super middleweight champ gets ready for the fight of his life andre ward made his way to
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this afternoon he fine-tuned his body before the big match up reporter julie goodrich shows us how to eat like a champ. olympic gold medalist boxer and bay area native andre ward facing the fight this career against champ jack dawson, the crowd gathered at oakland city center for the weigh in. 28 year-old andrea ward has not lost a fight since he started at age 12 tomorrows near sold out fight at oracle arena should push into the next level. what does on trade war and a world champion boxer eat the night before a fight? welcome to his personal chef's kitchen. is meal tonight grass fed meat and spinach salad and fruit particularly
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pineapple pineapple is a natural digestive enzyme this helps work through your body and she is ward's next door neighbor and when he discovered she was a chef a match made. she's been cooking for him for years and she will be ringside tomorrow night i'm very nervous to watch you on cooking for chisholm a fight that will likely go the distance 12 rounds, when the gloves are off ward is a devoted family man and father of four children the nicest man you'll find just ask the shaft he's such a gentle soul outside the rain he will and village after the fight my coconut cream cake his favorite he's already ordered it to more mills to make before flight time with proteins and vitamins. so what happens at dawson's
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can't calls on the chef 14 dawson the kitchen closed juliette goodrich cbs 5 he coax's don't pineapple, paul deanno is here with the weather if you want to barbecue this week we have the forecast which weekend day is warmer. the weekend this year and fo,,,,,,,,,,,,
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incredible pictures from all likely to do they're double photographers captured the shots from a volcano pouring into the pacific. they stood waist deep in 110 degree water to take these photos it was the only way they could get breathtaking shots. we don't advise it please don't try this at home. seriously don't. if he have a volcano in your
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neighborhood stay away from it. rule #1 in volcano management. i want you to enjoy and embraced the beautiful weekend we have weather wise. a love the weekend. were here for our denied a beautiful shot of the bay bridge we have a breeze 10-15 miles per hour onshore flow that is the key to keeping the weather pleasant. san jose is 60 oakland 69, in this city 56 doppler comes in completely dry, this is the driest time of the year the weather records, six of the first 10 days of september no record rainfall it is never ran in those days. it will not rain tomorrow or sunday. fog at the coast some fog for
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the bay. will be partly cloudy in the mid to upper 50s. a marine layer off shore but moves and tonight, a big counterclockwise swirl 500 mi. offshore, if it does not move the weather will not change, a lot of sunshine in the afternoon and pleasant weather. temperatures run a couple of degrees colder than normal. that's how it will be for several days. i'm here to tell you low pressure not moving afternoons will be sunny over the weekend temperatures a couple of degrees colder than normal. the fog moves in each night. san jose 78 tomorrow, concord 86 san francisco mid-60's and mid- 70s at redwood city. sunshine inland and sunny skies
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for the bay. inland highs around 90 degrees. sports next. the a's lead to snap their three game skid and the mariners and the giants dodgers september. need i say more. ,,
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last time the dodgers did in san francisco that's what the giants, this time the dodgers came after them again the giants response print it. the playoff atmosphere at at&t park. there'd and king streets. dodgers up in the third angel pagan ties it up with a single parent or not up at one apiece. tim lincecum up and down all night struck out seven and walked seven and gave up this home run put the dodgers up 2-1 bottom of the six bases loaded he cannot feel the grounder, and
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angel pagan scores and ties to get at two. bases loaded and assessment he drops one into right to run score. they take a 4-2 lead. the giants win it 5-2 and increased their lead to five and one-half games. a's and mariners to snap they're losing streak he struck out seven allowed just one run. george to terrace in the fourth inning and three run big fly the a's went 6-1 takes all position of the first wild-card spot. 12 new members inducted in basketball hall of fame, that
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included former warriors jamal wilkes rolfes and sand and nba's all-time winningest coach don nelson. my last words to you will be hopefully my last tuxedo i will wear it will go to molly there is life after basketball, i'm having a great time come on out and have a cup of coffee on now with me i have the coffee shop and shaved ice c'mon down. will do that coach. two tennis the all granting u.s. open semis share a poll the, she took the first set she stormed back and took the next two to gain the final period heaven on gloria and i see it for this one you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.


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